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SPARSH College of Nursing established in the year 2023, a SPARSH Foundation initiative. The College is Affiliated to RGUHS. The Institution is setting new standards of excellence in Nursing Education and practice.

The college aims at an educational program that enhances the students’ knowledge, skills, abilities and favorable attitudes to qualify as nursing professionals in today’s highly competitive and health conscious society.

Candidate deciding to do Nursing are required to possess high motivation towards the Nursing profession, with special Qualities, a spirit of altruism, commitment and dedication to work.

SPARSH College of Nursing

SPARSH Education

Excellent in providing right quality nursing education.

SPARSH Education

Students are trained within the facilities of the hospital.

SPARSH Education

Well Qualified & specialized teaching faculties.

SPARSH Education

Well-equipped labs as per INC requirements.

SPARSH Education

Safe and secure college environment.

SPARSH Education

College located in the mist of lush greenery and beautiful area of south Bangalore.


Vision of SPARSH College of Nursing is to propagate socially meaningful health care, nursing education and research with adherence to moral, legal, and ethical values. Also SPARSH College of nursing prepares the students to work in the hospital and community with dedication, devotion, compassion and kindness.


The mission of College of Nursing is to provide Accessible, Affordable High Quality Education to diverse students for the development of nurse practitioners at all entries of practice.

  1. Build an all - round development of the nursing students by providing balanced curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  2. Focus on attitude building and personality development of nursing students for providing quality patient care.
  3. Prepare the nursing students to combat current nursing challenges and demands of the society.
  4. Develop leadership skills and group dynamics among nursing students for holistic patient care.

Director's message

“Education is the bedrock of our legacy
We remain differentiated because we share”
Ms. Meena Patil
Ms. Meena Patil

Executive Director

  • Our hunger to know more gives us an edge
  • Our passion to row upstream makes us sharp
  • Our best practices, shared, empowers the medical fraternity
  • Our mentorship shapes meaningful career across the healthcare spectrum

It is the culture of SPARSH to share and learn as a way of life. SPARSH since its inception has always been committed to education and sharing knowledge. We run multiple post-graduate courses of DNB and fellowship programs in various specialties. We now add “SPARSH College of Nursing” which is a big feather in the hat of the organization.

We know nurses are the backbone of any healthcare system, they probably make the maximum impact on how the patient feels and recovers from illness. We also realize there is a huge need for high quality nurses and hence the training should be of the highest standards. SPARSH is committed to this cause and very proud of launching SPARSH College of nursing from the academic year of 2023-24.

I wish the entire initiative, the principal, the staff and the administration a big success and assure my personal support all the way to make it one of the best Nursing Colleges, producing the nurses with the highest standards of quality and care.

Principal’s message

The Nursing Profession is the Noblest of all professions and in immense demand globally, offering a highly rewarding career. SPARSH College of Nursing has a vision to achieve synergistic union of knowledge, skills and technology, to be a globally responsive and social conscious institute, committed to grooming highly skilled, innovative professionals by applying latest research evaluations, expert guiding force, hands-on training and optimum usage of resources. The nursing programmes focus on equipping and channelizing the knowledge, attitude, skills and potentials of the students effectively and efficiently to provide quality health care. The students are prepared intensively for maintaining professional standards and facilitating them for quality nursing practice by a team of qualified, experienced and committed teaching faculty. We focus on the holistic personality development of the students by not only concentrating on academics but also involving them in co-curricular & extracurricular activities. We are committed to inculcate strong moral and ethical values in our students which are essential for a nurse. The college also promotes and conducts faculty development programmes by encouraging their participation in various National and International Conferences, Seminars and Workshops. We strongly believe that the nursing students are responsible and accountable for quality nursing practice thus they need to be appropriately trained, oriented and directly supervised by qualified and experienced faculty.  I welcome all the new students and wish them success through their academic journey out of our college as successful nursing professional.

B.Sc Nursing College admission in Bangalore

Recognized by apex bodies and affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

SPARSH College of Nursing provides a hassle-free admission process for those who are looking for BSc Nursing Course Admission in Bangalore. However, you still need to meet some eligibility criteria to get admission. Below we have explained a detailed view of eligibility criteria and certifications required for admission to BSc nursing program.

Eligibility for B.Sc Nursing direct admission

Attested copies of the following certificates to be sent along with the application form.

  • A pass in 10th +2 Examination.
  • Pass in Two year PUC equivalent recognized by RGUHS with Science subject’s viz. Physics, Biology, Chemistry.
  • Obtained 45% marks in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and English. In case of SC/ST/OBC, relaxed to 40%. Age - completed 17 Years.
  • Fair knowledge in English is essential. Should be physically fit with sound mental health.

Course Outline

I Semester
  • 1 Communicative English
  • 2. Applied Anatomy
  • 3. Applied Physiology
  • 4. Applied Sociology
  • 5. Applied Psychology
  • 6. *Nursing Foundation I

Mandatory Module *First Aid as part of Nursing Foundation I Course

II Semester
  • 1. Applied Biochemistry
  • 2. Applied Nutrition and Dietetics
  • 3. *Nursing Foundation II
  • 4. Health/Nursing Informatics &Technology

Mandatory Module: *Health Assessment as part of Nursing Foundation II Course

III Semester
  • 1. Applied Microbiology and Infection Control including Safety
  • 2. Pharmacology I
  • 3. Pathology I
  • 4. *Adult Health (Medical Surgical) Nursing I with integrated pathophysiology

Mandatory Module *BCLS as part of Adult Health Nursing I

Mandatory Module *First Aid as part of Nursing Foundation I Course

IV Semester
  • 1. Pharmacology II
  • 2. Pathology II & Genetics
  • 3. Adult Health Nursing I I with integrated pathophysiology including Geriatric Nursing
  • 4. Professionalism, Professional Values & Ethics including Bioethics

Mandatory Module

*Fundamentals of Prescribing under Pharmacology II

*Palliative care module under Adult Health Nursing II

V Semester
  • 1. Child Health Nursing I
  • 2. Mental Health Nursing I
  • 3. Community Health Nursing I (including Environmental Science & Epidemiology)
  • 4. Educational Technology/Nursing Education
  • 5. Introduction to Forensic Nursing and Indian Laws

Mandatory Module: *Essential New born Care (ENBC), Facility Based New born Care (FBNBC),IMNCI and PLS as part of Child Health Nursing

VI Semester
  • 1. Child Health Nursing II
  • 2. Mental Health Nursing II
  • 3. Nursing Management & Leadership
  • 4. *Midwifery/Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG) Nursing I

Mandatory Module *SBA Module under OBG Nursing I/II (VI/VII Semester)

VII Semester
  • 1. Community Health Nursing II
  • 2. Nursing Research& Statistics
  • 3. Midwifery/Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG) Nursing II

Mandatory Modules *Safe delivery app under OBG Nursing I/II(VI/VII Semester)

VIII Semester
  • Internship (Intensive Practicum/ Residency Posting)

* Project work to be carried out during clinical training


SPARSH Education
Anatomy & Physiology Lab

It is designed to assist students in acquiring knowledge of the normal structure of human body. Lab is equipped with various models, specimens, skeleton and all kinds of bones, charts etc….

SPARSH Education
Nursing foundation Lab

To provide comprehensive nursing care to the clients admitted in hospitals, student will be given preliminary training in Patient care at the college laboratory. There are teaching and learning aids and various other equipments models, charts for the quality learning of the students.

SPARSH Education
OBG Lab and Child health lab

The lab has well equipped instruments, Dummies, articles and other required specimens as per INC requirements, which provides simulation and practice skills on various procedures to the students. The labs gives an opportunity to become competent and more confident and less liable to commit accidents mistakes during their real practical situations.

SPARSH Education
Community health Nursing Lab and Nutrition Lab

A stimulated home environment allows nursing students to practice their common health skills in a life-like scenario.

It is designed for students to develop skills in primary care for the individual’s families and groups at both urban and rural settings.

The Lab equipped with well-arranged community bag for each candidate for treating minor health problems. The lab also equipped with various models, charts, necessary articles and instruments for health assessment.

SPARSH Education

SPARSH Library and information center. We are indeed proud to say that we are having a library which is considered to be the best in nursing field. We have secured large numbers of books and journals on various subjects of the syllabus and other general interests and also continue to get a number of Indian and foreign Nursing journals.

The library is well ventilated, spacious with comfortable sitting arrangements. Library is working from 9am to 5 pm.

SPARSH Education
Hostel Facilities

The institution provides residential hostel to the girl students separately. The residential hostel is managed by a teacher- warden appointed by the Principal. Right of admission and right of expulsion rest with the authorities.

SPARSH Education
Class Room

The Classrooms are spacious, well ventilated & well furnished.

SPARSH Education
Administrative Office

Our dedicated Admin Staff take care of all the administrative requirements & admission process in the college.

SPARSH Education

The College is under surveillance of C.C.T.V camera installed at corridors and important areas of the campus that are monitored regularly. The college is well equipped with fire extinguisher at every floor. Security personnel have been employed to regularly maintain the incoming and outgoing visitors.

SPARSH Education

The college bus is provided for Clinicals & Community Health Activities.

SPARSH Education

The college has a small canteen that provides snacks and lunch for the students and faculties.

Apply for the Course

Fill all the required fiels in the below form to apply for the course.


  1. Download the Application form
  2. Fill the details and attach the photo
  3. Scan and upload the filled application form
  4. Download the application form

SPARSH College of Nursing

8 Ideal Homes HBCS Layout Javarandoddi, RR Nagar Bangalore, Karnataka 560098.

Contact Person:
+91 944855 6994